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We are heart centred practitioners, educators, and Earth & animal lovers. We are committed to providing a wholistic educational support and referral service; sating you and your family’s natural and wholistic health needs. Whilst also In the process providing practical solutions that compliment & contribute to your wellness goals. We can help link you with the right expert Practitioners & Educators. Who are in alignment with green medicine, family first sustainable practices, and heartfelt community spirit.


Greenwitch Health comes from a fusion of my personal experience of being a patient & my studies in Herbal & Natural Medicine, Women’s Wellbeing Counselling, Sustainable Natural Birth Education and passionate love for unlocking health puzzles.

Sonya’s Story

It was by accident- literally a fall on concrete paving that brought my life to an abrupt halt. I tore my shoulder and became unwell very quickly. After my surgery 4 months later I was having syncopal episodes 3 & 4 times a day; I was in so much pain I could barely move my arm to shoulder height. I couldn’t look up or go from sitting to standing without triggering an episode. I was having weekly Physio Therapy just to gain a tiny bit more freedom of movement. My driver’s licence was suspended and I was disabled.

Although I tried all conventional medications, anti-inflammatories & copious supplements I was unsuccessful in alleviating my symptoms. I felt worse instead of better. With my background in natural & alternative therapy, I kept searching for a natural solution that was going to offer a better quality of life. I met the creators of a new transdermal Therapeutic Grade Hemp Oil who were at our  local market. They gave me a free sample to try, I was so skeptical and embarrassingly I let my sample mature on my bathroom shelf for several weeks.  I procrastinated in my pain, for a while until I had enough and got out of my own way.


My first miracle; I was able to find not just relief but a reduction in episodes and frequency using the transdermal therapeutic grade hemp oil – Cannopathy. Sadly I still struggled to find a medical practitioner who would believe my condition and not just dismiss me, for a whiny woman with mental health issues. (Yes, this happened more than twice.)

I was introduced by a dear sister to a new GP who was very progressive and compassionate. He listened and helped me source out other health Specialists who were passionate about their fields. As it unfolded, after 3 long years I was diagnosed with a rare heart condition.


My body had been responding beautifully to the very small amounts of plant molecules in the oil through my skin. This was the beginning of my new relationship with herbs and my most recent Education. This involved the study of Cannopathy, Medicinal Cannabis, intertwined with the symbiotic relationship of plants and our Endocannabinoid System.


With expert guidance from my dear friends at Cannopathy and the support of my aligned Medical & Alternative Practitioners, I learned how listening to my whole body revealed my best medicine.



My Cannopathy family helped me restore my belief in knowing there is still, kind people who are doing good deeds from a genuine heart centred place. They inspired me and continue to inspire me to follow my passion for green medicine. I am supported by my beautiful daughters Pheonix & Willow & my amazing husband Wolfgang to deliver these simplistic transdermal Cannopathy Therapeutic Grade Hemp oils, hemp products & herbal teas to families in our community.


I appreciate that my health story is unique to me, I do not claim that Cannopathy heals everything for everyone, or that all allopathic medicine is unnecessary. I am merely offering an opportunity for you to seek your answers to your burning questions. Do your research, be informed and listen to what your whole body is trying to tell you. Look toward nature; you may just find your solution is closer than you think. If by chance you need assistance in finding where to start, Greenwitch Health Consultants may be able to help.

Greenwitch Health Consultants is my gift to the broader community- linking good people with green medicine.


With Much Love,

Sonya Wildgrace xox

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