Cannopathy is a complementary therapy incorporating the healing benefits of Therapeutic-Grade Hemp Oil, Phytotherapy and Marma Therapy. Used by vets, dentists, recommended by medical professionals.

Cannopathy Therapeutic-Grade Hemp Oils are made in Australia with all natural ingredients, free from GMO’s. NOT tested on animals and is suitable for vegans.

Cannopathy Therapy is a deeply relaxing technique using Therapeutic/Grade Cannopathy Oils applied to the skin.

The transdermal Cannopathy oils are easily absorbed into the body they can soothe sore tired muscles and provide relief from aches and pains. 

A truly rejuvenating application for the soul. We use a selective blend of therapeutic grade hemp oil and specific essential oils from whole plant resins that have been reported to strengthen the immune system and enhance the body’s own self-healing mechanisms.
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