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Cannopathy Facts

Since we are all about sharing our Cannopathy stories to help others here are some interesting facts about Cannopathy and why people experience wonderful results

 Cannopathy reduces inflammation. Based on scientific Research Fibromyalgia causes Inflammation which causes pain and brain fog!

 Cannopathy relieves pain. We have a glial cell in the brain. It causes chronic pain and excess pain. Cannopathy puts that cell into hibernation. Neat huh?

 Cannopathy suppresses muscle spasms because again, it’s an anti-inflammatory.

 Cannopathy is a sleep aid. No, it doesn’t knock you out. It lowers anxiety and restlessness helping you relax.

 Cannopathy relieves anxiety. It’s relaxing. Not intoxicating. It works beautifully with the endocannabinoid receptors and the serotonin.

Less is more when it comes to Cannopathy. Such a small dose can create such amazing, lasting results. Please don’t just take my word for it. You really have to try it for yourself. Contact me for more information and start using Cannopathy today!