Wildgrace Sustainable Natural Birth Education

 There is a long held belief that birth IS dangerous and if we continue to lead with this story we fail to see that this statement is only partly true. 

Wildgrace Sustainable Natural Birth Education was created, to raise the real conversations around birth, the myths and the long forgotten truths.  

Birth has become an industry and we human’s will ultimately pay the price. If we remain  unaware and uneducated , we stand to lose our sovereignty over our birthrights and one of our oldest traditions, the art of Midwifery. 

Midwifery lead care has been under attack for some time and there has been a lot of bad press and propaganda leading us to question the safety  and standards of practice of homebirth for women & babies. This is another tiny bit of the story. 

 It is crucially important that we know who is at the controls of this Birth Machine, the whole story is often hidden from us, so we are lead to believe that without life saving surgeries and interventions birth will more often than not go horribly wrong. We are hoodwinked into believeing that going to hospital is the gold standard of care and that if we only do that, we stand to have the best possible care that is available to us. 

 If we choose to have this “blindfold approach” to birth and try and work it out when we get to hospital , how can we possibly expect to navigate successfully through the medical minefield, with our uterus and our sensibilities still intact.?

We are heading toward a Cesarean Born population of women who believe that Cesarean is the safest way to birth. That if they just skip the dangerous labour part and go straight to the baby “Safely” in their arms they are avoiding tragedy all together. The biggest traversty of this shortcut story is that we are only just discovering the side effects of human birth interruptous. Everything in birth has been delicately designed to stimulate optimum growth of the child from the lung squeeze in the birth canal to the hormonal release of the perineum stretch. To the introduction of the first nutrients to the immature gut and the first gaze in the first hour and the effects of the first heard soothing parental tones. How we are born matters. When we unconsciously birth our babies we stand to rob them of health and wellbeing, into their future. 

   Ask yourself, who actually told you that birth was dangerous? and why did you accept it to be true, without question? Why, because we tend to believe something if we hear it more than ten times.  It’s what human’s do. So it stands to reason when we do not understand the birth process and our mind body connection. We believe what we hear most from our peers, our family members closest to us and what we see in our environment.  If your only exposure to the  birth landscape has been more medical birth with  unhealed trauma than this can set the stage for your own experience.  If we do not go beyond the hospital medical culture of birth we stand to lose our most sacred birthing skills we will ultimately lose touch with reality our autonomy and our birthing rights as women & mothers. 

Wildgrace Sustainable Natural Birth Education for a better world.